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International Conference on Neutron Optics (NOP2017)
5-8 July, 2017

International Conference on Neutron Optics (NOP2017) 5-8 July, 2017

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The International Conference on Neutron Optics (NOP2017) took place in Nara, Japan, at the Nara Kasugano International Forum (I.RA.KA) from Wednesday 5 July to Saturday 8 July 2017. This conference was a satellite event to the International Conference on Neutron Scattering in Daejeon, Korea (ICNS2017, 9-13 July 2017)

The conference was next in the series of Neutron Optics conferences previously held in Tokyo (2004), Villigen (2007), Alpe d'Huez (2010) and Munich (2013). Its aim is to provide a platform for the exchange of information in all fields of neutron optics with emphasis on new concepts and recent technical developments. The discussions and developments following these conferences successfully provided neutron optics elements commonly used in the state-of-the-art, large-scale neutron facilities around the world. In recent years the practical use of compact neutron sources has been recognized to support and promote the neutron sciences and applications pursued at these large-scale facilities. Following the increasing importance of the intimate interplay of fundamental physics and neutron science for future innovative neutron source, optics and detection system, we covered following topics

  1. Beam Production
    • Neutron Moderation to Epithermal, Thermal, Cold and Very-Cold Regions
    • Down-conversion to Very-Cold and Ultracold Regions
    • Beam Extraction
    • Radiation Shielding
  2. Optical and Polarization Components
    • Optics (reflective, refractive, diffractive and interference optics)
    • Polarizing Devices and Polarization (polarizer, spin analyzer, polarized target)
    • Detector Technologies
      1. Scintillation Detector
      2. Gaseous Detector
      3. Solid State Detector
  3. Application-oriented Assembly
    • Compact Neutron Source
    • Neutron Imaging and Scattering Instrumentation
    • Neutron Medical and Industrial Applications
  4. Neutron Fundamental Physics

Conference Chair
Yoshiaki KIYANAGI (Nagoya Univ.)

co-chair Kazuhisa KAKURAI (CROSS)
co-chair Hirohiko SHIMIZU (Nagoya Univ.)

International Advisory / Programme Committee
chair: Kazuhisa KAKURAI (CROSS)
Ken ANDERSEN (ESS), Koichiro ASAHI (RIKEN), Muhammad ARIF (NIST), Alexander BELUSHKIN (JINR), Peter BÖNI (TUM), Jack CARPENTER, Uwe FILGES (PSI), Michihiro FURUSAKA (Hokkaido Univ.), Peter GELTENBORT (ILL), Geoffrey GREENE (ORNL), Michael FITZSIMMONS (ORNL), Masahiro HINO (Kyoto Univ.), Alexander IOFFE (JCNS), Philipp SCHMIDT-WELLENBURG (PSI), Kenji MISHIMA (KEK), Nigel RHODES (ISIS), Roger PYNN (Indiana Univ.), Yasuhiro SAKEMI (Univ. Tokyo), Andy SAUNDERS (LANL), Hirohiko SHIMIZU (Nagoya Univ.), Mike SNOW (Indiana Univ.), Kazuhiko SOYAMA (JAEA), Jun'ichi SUZUKI (CROSS), Akira URITANI (Nagoya Univ.), Vladimir VORONIN (PNPI), Yutaka YAMAGATA (RIKEN), Albert YOUNG (North Carolina State Univ.)

Local Organizing Committee
chair: Masaaki KITAGUCHI (Nagoya Univ.), Takayuki OKU (JAEA)
secretary: Katsuya HIROTA (Nagoya Univ.), Takenao SHINOHARA (JAEA)
Go ICHIKAWA (Nagoya Univ.), Sohei IMAJO (Nagoya Univ.), Takashi INO (KEK), Yoshihisa IWASHITA (Kyoto Univ.), Hiroshi KIRA (CROSS), Takahiro MORISHIMA (Nagoya Univ.), Yoshie OTAKE (RIKEN), Seiji TASAKI (Kyoto Univ.), Yusuke TSUCHIKAWA (Nagoya Univ.), Kenichi WATANABE (Nagoya Univ.), Atsushi YAMAZAKI (Nagoya Univ.), Sachiko YOSHIHASHI (Nagoya Univ.)

Suported by
Japanese Society for Neutron Science
J-PARC Center
Kobayashi Maskawa Institute, Nagoya University
J-PARC MLF Users Society Nara Visitors Bureau