Laboratory for Particle Properties (Phi-lab)
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Seminar information

Information on workshops and seminars held at Φ Lab, related academic conferences, and international conferences.

workshop 2020/5/16neutron physics workshop
Seminar 2020/2/27Shunsuke Endo(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)、a6 measurement seminer
workshop 2019/12/20-21KEK S type theme
「Research on fundamental physics with pluse neutron」
「Reserch on Muonium Spectroscopy Experiment Using Microwave and EDM of muon」
workshop 2019/5/16-17neutron physics workshop
International Conference 2018/1/8-9FPUA2018was held.
International Conference 2017/7/5-8NOP2017was held.
Seminar 2016/2/23 Yusuke Tsuchikawa (Tohoku Univ.), Research on γn → K0Λ using FOREST, a large solid electromagnetic calorimeter
Seminar 2016/3/17Benjamin Heacock (NCSU),
"Quantum Mechanics and Exotic Physics with Neutron Interferometry"


Information on colloquium (introduction of papers) at φ Lab.

2020/7/6K. Ishizaki"連続型断熱消磁冷凍機"
2020/6/29S. Fukumura"Doing Spin Physics with Unpolarized Particles"
2020/6/22K. Hirota"Novel fluorescent nuclear track detecter technology for mixed neutron-gamma fields"
2020/6/15M. Kitaguchi"Observation of the Quantum Zeno and Anti-Zeno Effects in an Unstable System"
2020/6/8H. Shimizu"Quantum channeling with friction"
2020/6/1Y. Ninomi"Energy harvesting from shadow-effect"
2020/5/25K. Morikawa"Measurement of mass difference and the binding energy of the hyper triton and antihypertriton"
2020/5/18D. Hotta"In-vivo biomagnetic characterization of the American cockroach"
2020/5/11M. Hishida"Experimental signatures of emergent quantum electrodynamics"
2020/4/27T. Hasegawa卒業研究
2020/4/20R. Abe卒業研究
2020/4/20R. Takemori卒業研究
2020/4/13H. TadaMICROSCOPE Mission: First Results of a Space Test of the Equivalence Principle
2020/4/6I. IdePhonon heat transfer across a vacuum through quantum fluctuations

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