Laboratory for Particle Properties (Phi-lab)
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学会 2020/09/08-17日本物理学会 秋季大会
研究会 2020/5/16中性子物理研究会
セミナー 2020/2/27遠藤駿典(日本原子力研究開発機構)、a6測定セミナー
研究会 2019/12/20-21KEK S型課題
研究会 2019/5/16-17中性子物理研究会
国際会議 2018/1/8-9FPUA2018を開催しました。
国際会議 2017/7/5-8NOP2017を開催しました。
セミナー 2016/2/23土川雄介(東北大), 大立体角電磁カロリメータ FOREST を用いた γn → K0Λ の研究
セミナー 2016/3/17Benjamin Heacock (NCSU),
"Quantum Mechanics and Exotic Physics with Neutron Interferometry"



2021/02/08藤家拓大"Optical Mass Spectrometry of Cold RaOH + and RaOCH3 +"
2021/02/01石崎貢平"Axion Search with a Quantum-Limited Ferromagnetic Haloscope"
2021/01/18伊藤茂康"Electric Field Imaging Using Polarized Neutrons"
2021/01/12広田克也"Experimental evidence of neutrinos produced in the CNO fusion cycle in the Sun"
2020/12/21北口雅暁"Spin-rotation coupling observed in neutron interferometry"
2020/12/14清水裕彦"New Horizons Observations of the Cosmic Optical Background"
2020/12/7伊東佑起"Hunting Axion Dark Matter with Protoplanetary Disk Polarimetry"
2020/11/24赤塚浩明"Diffraction Enhancement Effect and New Possibilities of Measuring the Electric Charge of the Neutron and Its Inertial-to-Gravitational Mass Ratio"
2020/11/16堀田大稀"excitation of faraday-like body waves in vibrated living earthworms"
2020/11/9長谷川拓郎"Space-based measurement of the neutron lifetime using data from the neutron spectrometer on NASA’s MESSENGER mission"
2020/11/2竹森亮太"Resonant phase-matching between a light wave and a free-electron wavefunction"
2020/10/19安倍亮太"Observation of Bose–Einstein condensates in an Earth-orbiting research lab"
2020/10/12森川滉己"Floating under a levitating liquid"
2020/10/5菱田真由"New structural approach to rationalize the foam film stability of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures"
2020/9/7中部倫太郎"Black Hole as a Quantum Field Configuration"
2020/8/31多田紘規"Sixfold improved single particle measurement of the magnetic moment of the antiproton"
2020/8/24井出郁央"Operation of a silicon quantum processor unit cell above one kelvin"
2020/8/3伊藤茂康"Asking Neutrons where they have been"
2020/7/27藤家拓大"Single- shot achromatic imaging for broadband soft x-ray pulses"
2020/7/20山本知樹"Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon"
2020/6/29福村省三"Doing Spin Physics with Unpolarized Particles"
2020/6/22広田克也"Novel fluorescent nuclear track detecter technology for mixed neutron-gamma fields"
2020/6/15北口雅暁"Observation of the Quantum Zeno and Anti-Zeno Effects in an Unstable System"
2020/6/8清水裕彦"Quantum channeling with friction"
2020/6/1新實裕大"Energy harvesting from shadow-effect"
2020/5/25森川滉己"Measurement of mass difference and the binding energy of the hyper triton and antihypertriton"
2020/5/18堀田大稀"In-vivo biomagnetic characterization of the American cockroach"
2020/5/11菱田真由"Experimental signatures of emergent quantum electrodynamics"
2020/4/13多田紘規MICROSCOPE Mission: First Results of a Space Test of the Equivalence Principle
2020/4/6井出郁央Phonon heat transfer across a vacuum through quantum fluctuations