Laboratory for Particle Properties (Phi-lab)
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Research theme

Research with precise experiments

We are doing research for elementary particle physics with precise measurements of the low-energy process.
The main experiments in Phi-lab is low-energy neutron experiments. In addition, we are developing experimental devices and doing research with other labs.

  1. Neutron lifetime measurement
    Neutron lifetime high precision measurement with detecting electrons emmitted from neutron beta-decay.
  1. crystal-EDM measurement
    T-violation search with neutron electric dipole moment measurement using crystal internal electric field.
  1. T-violation search
    T-violation search with compound nucleus.
  1. Short distance gravity
    Experiments for testing inverse square law of gravity with neutron-noble gas scattering.
  1. MTV(Mott Polarimetry for T-Violation experiment)
    8Searching for CP-violation of Lithium beta-decay. This experiment is collaboration with Murata-lab at Rikkyo university.
  1. Neutron-Antineutron oscillation search
    International experiment project for baryon-number-violating process search at ESS.
  1. Muonium Spectroscopy Experiment Using Microwave
    Precise measurement of the hyperfine structure of muonium using microwave spectroscopy.
  1. Laboratry size neutron source
    Development the neutron source using a small accelerator and promote the spread. We are building "NUANS" of the small acceleration neutron source in Nagoya Univ, as the Nagoya University Science-Engineering Quantum Beam Intra-university Collaboration.
  1. R&D of experimental device
    We recearch and develop some devices using for our experiments for example neutron detector, spin polarization device and neutron optical transpotation device and more.